Special Gas Systems (SGS) B.V.

In 2012 Special Gas Systems (SGS) has been founded as sister company of SPS cryogenics to complement the production of cryogenic pipe systems with trade in separate parts, specials, and gas panels/systems. Both companies are situated together at Heerhugowaard, Noord-Holland. (30 min. above Amsterdam)

For trading in separate parts, Special Gas Systems (SGS) has connected itself so several well-known companies/brands. 
There is a continuous search to new possibilities to complement the list of products through new co-operations.

We strive at all times to organize the business processes regarding purchasing / sales, stock management and logistics in a modern and automated manner. 
Working with an ERP system, Kardex stock machines and contracts with leading transport companies ensure that we can meet customer specific requirements in a flexible manner.

 In recent years it is clearly noticeable that companies want to keep fewer stocks and purchasing departments are becoming increasingly centralized.
Special Gas Systems (SGS) responds to this by offering "stock service". Together with the customer, the company is looking into options for managing stocks in a smart way in order to guarantee fast delivery times, offer a cost-saving solution and keep the supplier base small.

Together with sister company SPS Cryogenics, we have a CNC machine hall, sawmill, certified welders and 4 fully equipped mounting boxes (sprinters). 
With these resources are also focused on offering special tailor-made components, gas systems and gas panels. From 3D design drawings to installation on location, Special Gas Systems (SGS) is the company to contact.