About Special Gas Systems (SGS)

In 2012 Special Gas Systems (SGS) - Gascontrolling was established as a sister company of SPS Cryogenics to complement the production of cryogenic piping systems with trade in loose parts, "specials" and gas panels / systems. At SGS we work in a young and dynamic team using the latest developments in the field of stock management and business processes. Our aim is to offer customer-specific solutions. 

Brands that we work with


DK-LOK covers the following categories;
- Tube Fittings                                                                        
- Pipe & Weld Fittings
- Fittings/Hose & Connectors              
- Ball & Plug Valves
- Check & Relief Valves
- Regulator, Metering & Needle Valve
- Bleed & Purge Valve / Manifolds
- Rising Plug, Toggle & Diaphragm Valve


Tescom designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and customized pressure control solutions and components such as pressure regulators, valves or pressure systems and assemblies.

Are you looking for a specific product? Please include the following five details in the comments in the contact us form;
- Inlet pressure
- Outlet pressure
- Medium
- Temperature
- Flow


Habonim covers the following categories;


Nords covers the following categories;
- Unions
- Bite-ring couplings
- Sockets
- Nipples
- Plugs
- Nuts
- Hose Fittings
- Tees/elbows/bends
- Socket welding fittings

Other product categories

Seamless Tubing

Seamless Tubing covers the following categories;
- 304
- 316


Gauges covers the following categories;
- 7021
- 7025
- 7211
- 7221
- 7225

SGS Cryogenic couplings

SGS cryogenic couplings include the 3-piece couplings that Special Gas Systems produces itself.

Flexible hoses

The flexible hoses that Special Gas Systems sells are available in a lot of sizes. If you are looking for flexible hoses, please contact us.