Why and when do you need a subcooler?

The storage vessel from the gas company is a pressurized vessel, and when a vessel is pressurized the liquid is warmer and far from stable. When the liquid is not under pressure it becomes really -196 C. In case the application needs a good quality of stable liquid, you need a subcooler.

So... what do we do with a subcooler?

  • We go with pressurized liquid from the vessel through a heat exchanger, which is placed in a not pressurized open vessel, to cool down and stabilize the liquid. The vacuum insulated pipe system is now under control, in order to bring the subcooled liquid towards the application. You still have to use gas vents to gas out the last gas in order to optimize longerpipe systems.
  • The Sub-cooler is controlled by a SPS BR-65 control unit, this means that when the liquid bath level in the vessel has reached the right
    level, it will stop filling. To fill-up the Sub-cooler, we use the same storage tank by using a T-piece on the main line, which is connected
    with the control unit.
  • To ensure not overfilling the liquid bath, we have a second heated PT-100 on the exhaust. In case the exhaust gets too cold, the
    second valve on the control unit will close, when the temperature heats up the valve opens again.
  • Normally we put the Sub-cooler near to the storage tank, in some cases we advise you to put the Sub-cooler near to the application.


  • Sizes DN 15, 25, 40 and 50
  • PN-10 / 16
  • Increase the downstream quality of the liquid
  • Contolled by BR-65